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Strips, Sheets, Rods, Tubes, Billets, wires in all Brasses, Copper, Aluminum, Cupro-nickel, Nickel silver

  • Alloy : 1100,1050,1350, 1200,3105,  3003,3004, 5052, 5005, 8011
  • Gauges: Coil
  • 0.3 to 3.18mm Sheet   
  • 0.3 to 4.00 mm
  • Width : up to 1250mm
  • Length : 500 mm to 3658 mm
  • Other products : Fin stock , Foil stock, Litho

  • Bars, Rods & Tubes
  • Structure & Architectural
  • Moulding & Transport
  • Industrial & General
  • Super Profile
  • Aluminium Grades & Alloys

  • Bars & Rods Flat Bars & Round Rods Round Rods, Square Bars & Hexagonal Bars Miscellaneous Bars
    MiscellaneousTubes Round Tubes Rectangular Tubes Square, Fluted Square & Fluted Round Tube
    Oval Tube & Miscellaneous Tubes      

    Channels - Square Fillet Channels Tees Angles
    Angle, H- Sections Round ,Bulbed, Flanged Tees & Top Hats Tower Bolt & Hinges Hollow Hinges & Special Hinges
    Special Hinges Latch & Aldrop Handles Hasp and staple
    Curtain Rails & Curtain Rails Special Step Edgings Hand Rails Wall Facings
    Glazings Display Section Doors, Windows, Partitions etc. Venetian Blinds
    Kitchen Cabinet Modular Furniture Section Ladders North Light Glazing Bars & Shoes
    Expandable Grill Turn Button Curtain Wall Section Foot Step
    Architechture Miscellaneous Structural Miscellaneous    

    Half Round, Belt Moulding & Water Channels Water Channels Special Floor Strips & Fluted Strips Fluted Angels & Decorative Beading
    Decorative Beading Show Beading Double Glass Channel Bus Window Guide Frame
    Bus Window Guide Fram & Bus Wind Shield Miscellaneous Rail Coach  

    Telecommunications Textile Machinery Aviation Space & Science
    Electricals Electronics Solar power section Heat sinks
    Air grill profiles Refrigeration section Pump body and Actuator body ump and motor body
    Miscllaneous Elevator section Conveyor section X-Ray frame section
    General Miscellaneous      

    Rectangular Tubes Handle Sections Door Windows Partition etc. Syntex Section & Grill Frames
    Curtain Wall Section Modular Furniture Section Display Section Louver Section
    Samosa Section Fly Screen Details of Casement Window Sections Details of Sliding Window Sections